Spirit of Leading Podcast


I like talking to interesting people who are living INPowered lives. They also demonstrate a Spirit of Leading that is service oriented, self-less, and sincere. They come from all walks of life and all generations. They are the doers who simply look for ways to improve their surroundings and impact the lives of all they touch as a result.


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The Spirit of Leading podcast will help you find ways to get the most out of your current circumstances by becoming more INPowered to LEAD.

Podcast Archive
# Title Released
37 Greg Massey and Choctaw Chief Gary Batton Imagine Durant, OK 03/15/2017
36 Shannon Warren and the Oklahoma Business Ethics Consortium 03/01/2017
35 Meg Weinkauf: Dare to go for it 01/04/2017
34 Ta’Na Alexander: a dream to change the world 12/08/2016
33 Patrick Conlon: a new normal for a contemporary composer 12/06/2016
30 Glen Johnson-a noble calling 09/07/2016
32 Jennifer Anderson-Transforming the staffing industry 07/19/2016
31 Robyn Elliott–The Chickasaw Nation as a transformational force 07/13/2016
29 Robin Smith–You don’t have to be an expert to lead 07/05/2016
28 Tom McDaniel–an urban transformation 06/29/2016
27 Risha Grant-A voice for inclusion and diversity 06/22/2016
26 Ken Parker–Changing the world through education 06/15/2016
25 Mike Knopp-Leading a transformational idea 05/31/2016
24 Stephanie Cameron encourages young talent to try manufacturing 04/20/2016
23 Finding your voice-Will Richey, the DaVerse Lounge 03/30/2016
22 Are you getting your boss’s attention? 11/12/2015
21 Get real with yourself and improve your self-esteem 11/03/2015
20 Facing a Moment of Truth 10/26/2015
19 Daniela Perieda-The compassionate entrepreneur 10/15/2015
18 How business thinks about leadership development 09/24/2015
17 When no one is listening 09/16/2015
16 Whitley and Ranya O’Connor-INPowering the homeless to be self-employed 08/27/2015
15 My favorite heretic 08/20/2015
14 Are leaders born or made? 07/31/2015
13 Kristi Leonard–Leading in volunteer organizations 07/15/2015
12 Why motivation is not what you think 07/02/2015
11 The power of your brand 06/26/2015
10 Listening to Lead 06/19/2015
9 What are your sources of power? 05/28/2015
8 What improv comedy can teach us about productive teams 05/21/2015
7 What is an INPowering workplace? 05/14/2015
6 Gender and influence in the workplace 05/06/2015
5 The power in A-Ha 05/01/2015
4 All business is people business 04/23/2015
3 7 Tenets of an INPowered Leader 04/16/2015
2 Love, Learn, Lead 04/09/2015
1 The spirit beyond the leadership skills 04/01/2015