Junior League Oklahoma City, The Spirit of Leading Podcast

Kristi Leonard

Just about any day of the year you will see or hear about some volunteer activity in your community. Many of the events that make our communities work are staffed mostly by volunteers. Last year, more than 62 million Americans turned out to volunteer at least one day. Most of those volunteered many days and hours to lend a hand in the cause of something that improved the quality of life for their community and its residents.

This episode of The Spirit of Leading features Kristi Leonard, who just completed her 2014-2015 term as president of the Junior League of Oklahoma City. I interview Kristi about her experiences leading an effective all women volunteer organization that supports her community through a variety of projects, all run entirely by volunteers.

Kristi shares her insights and experience as an example of how young women can develop their leadership abilities.

  • Take advantage of opportunities to develop leadership talents through volunteering.
  • The secret to engagement is to work on something that stirs your passions.
  • The rewards of making a difference in your community.
  • See and experience your community through different eyes and perspectives.
  • Being a volunteer puts you in contact with smart, experienced, women and men who want to share their experiences.
  • Take advantage of mentors who can become life-long confidants and advisors.
  • Listening is one of the most important skills a leader can develop and sharpen.
  • Engagement is a motivator. Get others involved in something they are passionate about and letting them do it is a better way to motivate than micromanaging.
  • Get comfortable with being the leader standing in the front of the room.
  • Let others use their talents and don’t micromanage.
  • Experience the value of ongoing encouragement and recognition.

Kristi is a role model for young women wanting to become more involved as a leader at work and in their community. She also is a role model for young mothers who are balancing their family life and their desire to continue to develop all their potential in the workplace.

The Junior League has evolved into one of the most effective women’s volunteer organizations in the world since it was founded in 1901.

SOL PODCST ART.ispx 300Today the Junior League makes its presence known through the efforts of more than 150,000 volunteers in 292 leagues in four countries.

Check out your nearest chapter of the Junior League.


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