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Ranya O'Connor, Curbside Chronicle, homeless, street papers

Ranya O’Connor (rt) accepts award for Curbside Chronicle from International Network of Street Papers

What can you do to make things better in your community for yourself and others? What can you do to live INPowered?

Whitlley and Ranya O’Connor are helping the homeless of Oklahoma City become self-employed.

In this episode of The Spirit of Leading, they tell their story.

Their project is called The Curbside Chronicle, a street newspaper written and sold by the homeless and unemployed population of Oklahoma City. It’s going into its third years of production.

Whitley and Ranya’s interview revealed several enlightening aspects of their project to anyone considering whether to launch an ambitions project of their own.

  • Crazy ideas get traction
  • Create partnerships with those who bring skills and expertise you do not have personally.
  • Learn from those who have done similar projects.
  • Prior experience is not a prerequisite. When you believe in your project, you can learn how to make it happen.
  • The best advocate of your service or product is someone who had directly benefited from it.
  • Age is not a factor. Passion creates believers and advocates.
  • Passion never makes anything any easier. It just makes the hard work worth it.
Whitley O'Connor, Curbside Chronicle, street paper, homeless

Whitley O’Connor (second from right) with Curbside Chronicle vendors at a baseball game

For his leadership, Whitley was recognized by iON Oklahoma online magazine in 2014 as one of it 30 Under 30 Next Gen leaders. Ranya was selected to the 2016 NextGen Under 30 class.

The Curbside Chronicle, view online issues

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