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Donna Miller
Executive Resource Center

The way that larger organizations take a strategic approach to developing new talent also gives individuals who aspire to leadership a model for their own professional development.

In this episode of The Spirit of Leading, I ask Donna Miller, an executive coach, to share her experience and insights into executive development.

Donna discusses succession planning, her own approach to working individually with emerging executive talent, and the issue of business ethics.

More about Donna’s background and practice, the Executive Resource Center. Click here

Here are some of the development tips Donna suggests:

  • Focus primarily on developing your natural abilities and strengths.
  • Leaders must take a larger view of their involvement in the organization by making a shift from their personal value added to how they can help others develop their own talent.
  • Learn how the organization functions as a whole and not just their own department or functional division.
  • Focus primarily on the value delivered to the customer.
  • Relentlessly build your people skills.


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