035: Meg Weinkauf dares you to go for it [Podcast]

by | Jan 4, 2017

Meg Weinkauf has a dare for you. In this Spirit of Leading podcast, we get to meet a versatile entrepreneur who is challenging everyone to go for the life they dream of living.

Meg demonstrates the Spirit of Leading in her life choices, and she shows how she lives the INPowered life through her many professional and civic involvements.

Meg was selected to the 2016 class of NextGen Under 30, a recognition program of NextGen Leadership Oklahoma, because of her many community activities. She is actively involved serving on the Tulsa Area United Way Emerging Leaders Society and Small Business Steering Committees, as well as the Oklahoma Commission on the Status of Women Advisory Council. She is a mentor through Women in Recovery with the United Way Women’s Leadership Council, 4Word Women Ambassador, and Propel Women Leader.

Meg talks about her recent trip to the Philippines to help train executives from NGOs across Southeast Asia. And she explains her LaunchPad Labs project she co-founded with Jessica Kinsey.

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Garland McWatters, author, storyteller, trainer, Tulsa OK

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