036: Shannon Warren Champions Business Ethics in Oklahoma [Podcast]

by | Mar 1, 2017

Oklahoma Business Ethics Consortium

by Featuring Shannon Warren, co-founder and executive director

Shannon Warren answered a challenge from her college professor in 2003, which evolved into a statewide initiative known as the Oklahoma Business Ethics Consortium.

On this episode of The Spirit of Leading, Shannon tells her story and discusses the importance of the ethics movement in all aspects of our lives.

The discussion between what is legal and what is right is an ages old controversy. It is always relevant, but perhaps never more relevant than it is today with so many global issues in politics, business, finance, economics, and religion. Crises abound in which what is ethical must drive what is legal.

What started as a small discussion group in October 2003, is now supported by over 200 companies comprising chapters in both Oklahoma City and Tulsa. Both chapters present monthly programs featuring local and national speakers on business ethics.

OK Ethics presents a series of the annual awards to companies and individuals for their exemplary leadership and demonstration of ethical practices.

The Student Education and Ethics Development Foundation (S.E.E.D.) sprouted from the original OK Ethics Foundation, which Shannon started as a sister organization to the OK Business Ethics Consortium. S.E.E.D. works with high school and university students and sponsors annual student ethics bowl competitions.

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