039: Jim Cowan building the Bricktown Brewery in OKC [Podcast]

by | Apr 25, 2017

Opening and growing the Bricktown Brewery from Jim Cowan, first manager


The Brickgown Brewery was the first brew pub in Oklahoma since statehood. Jim Cowan was the young manager who opened it, ran it, and eventually owned it. On this episode of The Spirit of Leading, we hear first hand about those days and what it took to get a new restaurant concept to take hold in an emerging entertainment district that was still in its infancy.

Jim worked shoulder to shoulder with the legends of Bricktown and the city and business leaders who envisioned and championed a bold new venture that has made Oklahoma City one of the cities to watch.  What Jim and early investors in Bricktown built has paved the way for the next wave of investment and creative energy.

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