045: Victoria McArtor-Reverse Selfie

by | Feb 20, 2018

Victoria McArtor

(photo by Brian Bartlett)

Reverse Selfie

by Featuring Victoria McArtor of Mused. | The Spirit of Leading Podcast

VICTORIA McARTOR wants to make poetry more a part of everyday life. She believes poetry can INPower people to project themselves into their communities as they reflect on how their communities have played a role in shaping their lives.

In this episode of The Spirit of Leading podcast, Victoria explains the Reverse Selfie project and how it opened her eyes to Tulsa, her hometown, in ways she had never before explored, and in so doing caused her to reverse the direction of her attention from #me to #us. In her personal comments at the front of her book she wrote, “Usually it seems like the present tense is the hardest time zone to live in, but it turns out I had been killing time instead of fully engaging with all the ways it was offering itself to me.” What Victoria has to say in this podcast is well worth your time.

Through her non-profit, MUSED., Victoria presents a variety of experiences in poetry designed to help participants engage in community by digging into their poetic selves for inspiration, insight, and enlightenment. There is a poet in all of us, and Victoria can help you find yours.

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