A curious leader is a wonderful leader

Wonderful leaders are possibility thinkers. They are curious, and we need more of them. They stand in sharp contrast to those stunted by, what I call, intellectual inertia–being held down by the pull of the status quo.

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Being filled with wonder, e.g. wonder-full, will keep you intellectually on the edge of your seat. We also call that curiosity.

I’ve been a Star Trek fan from its beginning. The mission of the starship Enterprise, to go where no man has gone before, got and kept my attention. Captain James T. Kirk usually saved the day with his out-of-the-box thinking. But, he was notorious for breaking Starfleet Command rules and refusing to accept the status quo on anything.

Born to be wild

We were born curious. We wanted to expand our world, so we figured out how to roll over, sit up, reach out and grab things, crawl, walk, and get into all kinds of interesting situations. We were born to go where we had not gone before. Curious was our middle name

Then, somewhere along the road, others in authority began telling us what to think and that breaking the rules was a bad thing. They locked onto us with their tractor beam and dragged us into their mothership of conformity.

Being curious is essential to learning how to think.

Thinking for yourself can put you at odds with those around you. It gets scary sometimes. Not very many people are willing to venture into uncharted mental space on their own.

But when they get out there, they feel liberated and uninhibited. All things are possible.

Curiosity is the opposite of intellectual inertia. Curiosity looks behind the door. Curiosity speaks to strangers. Curiosity looks over the edge of the cliff. Curiosity asks, “What if?”  Curiosity pokes the bear to see what will happen next.

Dangerous? Maybe. Maybe not–usually not.

When we allow our minds to wander in the free space of possibility thinking, wonderful experiences show up. We INLarge our expectations of living.

A leader is . . .

We look for leaders to help us go places we cannot or will not go alone.

Here’s their secret: they learned their way forward with possibility thinking and trial and error. They did not get it right the first time. They stumbled. They adapted. They learned by doing and risking a little to gain a little more. With each next step, they became more confident, smarter, and wiser.

There’s no reason why you cannot be like that. It begins with unleashing your curiosity to find out how limitless is your creative energy.

Someday, you will have the courage to poke the bear just to see what happens next.

Go ahead.
You are
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Wanted-Bridge builders for leadership roles

Wanted-Bridge builders for leadership roles

What makes a country, an organization, or an individual strong is the ability to build bridges. Sadly, bridge builders are few and far between among the ranks of political wannabes.

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Bridges connect, walls separate.

The function of a bridge is to connect one place to another. Bridges reach out to other places and other individuals to link them in a relationship that is mutually beneficial.

The function of a wall is to partition. Walls define boundaries: inside or outside, one side or the other side. Walls are necessary and good when they contribute to our safety and wellness. They are bad when they isolate and become a barrier to healthy relationships.

Bridges takes us places, walls keep us places.

Imagine a fortress surrounded by a moat with its walls and turrets. The walls are high and forbidding. Access is limited and tightly controlled. The way in or out is across a drawbridge.

A wall speaks two messages: to outsiders is says, “Keep out,” and to those within them it says, “Don’t go out.” The safety provided by the wall is a paradox, because what we thought was a safe haven also can become a prison.

Bridges span barriers, walls create barriers.

Bridges establish flow. The energy of a bridge is to move across freely and unobstructed. We build a bridge when we need to clear a barrier. The barrier is still there, but we now have a way past it. The barrier doesn’t go away, but it no longer gets in the way.

Walls create turbulence. We use walls to stop energy. We hit brick walls, throw up a wall, wall out, and stonewall. All have the same intent–to stop or inhibit. Sometimes walls are necessary. Most of the time, they just get in the way.

America is at is finest when it builds bridges with and among our world neighbors. Want to make America great again? Let’s get back to bridge building.

Build bridges in your family, your workplace, and your community,
and you will be

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Do it NOW! Action is INPowering.

Do it NOW! Action is INPowering.

Action creates momentum. The INPowered know there is no time like now! to take action. Why?

Plant tree now

Because it takes more energy to get the ball rolling than it does to keep the ball rolling.

Sometimes I procrastinate. I call the condition SIDD–a Self Imposed Delay or Distraction.  Here’s how I beat it every time.  (more…)




Focus your energy and you will be more like a light saber than a flash light. A laser beam is light waves of a single wavelength synchronized to move in phase with each other.

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See this article from NASA for a better explanation.

The point is, the laser light is singular and focused rather than scattered and made of a broader spectrum of wavelengths like a flash light, a light bulb, or even the sun.

Most of us are like the flashlight–different energies going in many directions at the same time. We generate some heat with our activity, but our effectiveness is limited.

When you are focused, you sync your energy and attention on one thing, and everything else is locked out. No distractions.

How to be like a light saber

So, if you want to make a difference in your effectiveness, focus your energy like a laser focuses light.

Be single minded and synchronize your effort around that single target. Multi-Taskers are flashlights. Think about your goal. Keep it front and centered on your mind day and night. Get obsessed with it.

Depending on your mindset, any of these techniques works. (I believe they are all the same kind of thing by different names.) They all focus your mental energy on a target.

  • Focused thought
  • Meditation that clears the mind and centers your focus
  • Fervent prayer on a single request
  • Visualization
  • Centering by finding balance and ridding one of extraneous thoughts

Try this. Write down your specific goal. Spend five-minute blocks of time three to five times a day quietly focusing, meditating, praying, or visualizing your goal as completed. Don’t worry about how to get it done. Those are just the tactics. Focus on the result, the what. The how tos will work out.

Trust the process. Trust the force.
Focus, and you will be
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