I believe everyone has an abundance of creative energy, and I want to help you unleash yours.

I am Garland McWatters.

Every day I meet interesting and excited people like you, of every generation (Millennials, Gen X, or Boomers), who are motivated to find meaning and satisfaction in their life at home, at work, and in their communities. Like you, they want to be empowered to unleash their creative energy as they work, play, and live.

At home, I want you to have

  • loving relationships
  • a fun, safe, and happy environment
  • a sense of well-being and stability

At work, I want you to have

  • a sense of meaning and purpose
  • a sense of pride and accomplishment
  • wholesome relationships

In your community, I want you to have

  • a feeling of connection and community
  • opportunities to participate, engage, and florish
  • an environment of mutual respect in which everyone can pursue life, liberty, and happiness.

“INCourage the spirit, INLiven the heart, INLighten the mind, and INLarge the expectatons of living in yourself and in others.”

A little more about my background

I love learning and sharing what I’ve learned. I am a seeker, with a core belief that everyone goes about her or his daily life just wanting to be happy, proud, comfortable and successful. I’ve seen this yearning in every personal and professional experience I’ve had. I know that’s why my personal and professional journey led me to consulting, training, and ultimately to writing.

I’ve been a minister, a college assistant professor, a broadcaster, and a sales person. I enjoyed a career spanning 15 years in Oklahoma’s renowned Career Tech system. And since 1994, I’ve been a self-employed leadership consultant and author. I even took a brief foray into politics. I was my party’s nominee for the U.S. House of Representative in 2000.

Like many, I can show college credentials: B.A. in Biblical Studies from Oklahoma Christian University, an M.S. in Mass Communication from Oklahoma State University.

But those were just jumping off places to get my real education–my daily interaction from the shop floors to the executive suites.

Garland McWatters, Tulsa, Oklahoma, campaigning for congressCampaigning for U.S. Congress, 2000.

I’ve been in industries ranging from health care to hog farming, from military bases to municipal governments, from foundaries to law firms, from assembly lines to bank teller lines, from mammoth distribution centers to main street mom and pop enterprises, and from call centers to construction sites.

I’ve worked with jet pilots, physicians, technicians, laborers, engineers, clerks, ministers, sales people, computer programmers, and information technology specialists, students, teachers, and managers from all types of busineses. Every age range and walk of life.

And guess what I’ve learned through it all?

Every day, motivated people go to work simply wanting to do well at something they enjoy so they can go home at the end of the day proud of what they did, and be fairly recognized and compensated for their contribution. That’s pretty much it.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with people of all ages and generations. I find young adults, as they enter the workplace and seek their space, are especially eager to learn and grow. They energize me, and I hope I INPower them.

One of my most enjoyable experiences recently is partnering with NextGen Oklahoma Leaders to encourage and recognize young adults 20-39 who are stepping up early to lead and become influencers in their workplaces and communities. I’ve devoted many of my Spirit of Leading podcasts to showcasing their contributions and dreams.

NextGen Oklahoma Leaders presents an annual recognition progam identifying the top exemplary young leaders statewide in NextGen Under 30 Oklahoma. Since 2011, nearly 600 individuals have been tapped for this recognition.

Triumphs and struggles

I’ve had some great jobs where I was promoted to management positions and recognized for my accomplishments. I’ve also had those jobs where I struggled to get out of bed every morning and make myself go in.

Looking back, I’d say some of my greatest times of growth came in those jobs where I struggled. I’ve survived being fired and demoted. That when when I had to dig deep and learn how I was going to make something good happen for myself, my family, and those with whom I worked. A lot of what I share in my INPowerment Labs and courses comes from lessons learned the hard way.

And then, I had coaches and a mentor who saw in me potential and possibilities I had not yet realized. They planted the seeds of opportunity in me and nurtured them until they took root and began to grow. The nudged me to the boundaries of my comfort zone and reassured me they would be there to soften the fall should I stumble. And they kept their promise.

Learning to lead

I’ve learned a lot from the leadership opportunities I had. I began early in life in student government in high school and college And it went from there to include being:

  • president of my local Jaycees chapter
  • a deacon in my church
  • president of my local chapter of the American Society for Training and Development (now know as Association for Talent Development)
  • state president of the Oklahoma School Public Relations Association
  • state president of the Territory Tellers (Oklahoma’s storytelling association)
  • chair of my county political party
  • my party’s nominee for the U.S. House of Representatives (OK 5th district) 2000

I’ve also enjoyed my share of honors including a Distinguished Achievement Award from the American Association for Training and Development.

All that is to say, I’ve experienced the good, the bad, and the ugly of the workplace. It’s shaped who I am and what I hope for. It’s made me understand how to be INPowered2 LEAD, and I want to share that with you.

Garland McWatters, Tulsa, Oklahoma, author, leadershipAt meet the author event for “Confronting Your Moment of Truth”

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