We often use sports analogies and metaphors to explain team dynamics. However, improv comedy performance troupes are probably a better example.

Terry Catlett Improv performance artist

Terry Catlett
Improv performance artist

In this podcast, I talk with Terry Catlett, an improv performance artist, about his experience learning to communicate with and trust improv performers in the wacky spontaneous world of improv.

Terry Catlett is a performer, writer, and teacher of improvisational performance methods at the Four Day Weekend academy in Ft. Worth, TX. He has also worked with the Dallas Comedy House. He performs regularly with several improv groups including Atlantic Pacific Billy, Kool-Aid, Franzia, and David & Terry.

The podcast covers several important team building themes that improv performance troupes face: communication, listening, personal accountability, acceptance, being non-judgmental, and working in a selfless and cohesive environment for the team goals.


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