Done IconSay what you are going to do; then, do what you say.

When you commit to a goal but slack off, it should really gnaw at you until you do something about it. If you just blow it off by saying something like, “Oh, well. It wasn’t that big of a deal,” then it must not have been important to begin with.

In a previous post What turns you on? I wrote that how bad you want something will determine how dedicated you will be to accomplishing it. Click to listen to Tim McGraw’s song about that subject.

My strongest motivational drive has two sides to it. Side one is the feeling of accomplishment when I do what I say I will. Side two is the resulting self-shame when I do not because I chose to not do what I promised myself I would do. Call it conscience–that sense of self-accountability.

If this happens to you, all is not lost. Get back on track immediately. It might mean rearranging your priorities or working harder to eliminate distractions that lure you way from your commitment.

Others will respect your determination and relentless commitment to a goal. They will have more confidence in your leadership and feel safer when you are in charge. Furthermore, self-accountability builds trust and underscores your integrity.

Remember, every day that you follow through on the goal you set will more deeply embed the good habits of accomplishment and accountability. Such is the stuff of champions.

Such is the stuff of those who are
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