INPowerment Labs are for discovering and experimenting in a safe, fun, accepting environment


Labs take an in depth look at a single topic or issue.


Experiences build teamwork . . .


Participants share feedback with each other and get feedback from the lab leader.


Participants build content by sharing ideas and perspectives from their experience.


People experience what it’s like to focus on the task, communicate, and cooperate.


Teams experiences complex problems and learn how to solve them together.


Participants share their take on how to apply an activity.

Lab formats

Half-day: most labs can be presented in 3 – 6 hours.

Multisession: sequence labs to build your own course. Some labs may expand to be presented over multiple sessions on multiple days to meet your scheduling needs.

Check out the detailed lab descriptions.

Creating an INPowering Workplace course available

Today’s work generation will work hard for companies that have created workplaces where they can be INPowered to use their creative energy. Your workplace can be that kind of an environment.

Regardless of in which generation one was born, the underlying dynamics of humanity are the same. This course is about that, why they matter, and how they affect the workplace enviroment.


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