Applying the creative energy of personal INPowerment and meaning in the workplace

A 9 session course featuring interactive half-day sessions to discover and apply the dynamic principles of personal INPowerment.

Excellent format for fostering organizational communication and cross functional interaction.

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Session content

1. A place called work

  • The nature of work
  • Role of management
  • Realities of the workplace
  • The INPowering workplace leader

2. It’s all about me

  • The world according to ME (thinking styles)
  • As I think, so it is
  • Leadership and management style
  • I feel, therefore I am (emotional connection)

3. Engaging your world

  • Your built-in early warning system
  • How we make sense of our world
  • Why change causes conflict

4. INPowering work

  • Motivation as a natural energy force
  • Motivators and de-motivators
  • The components of all work
  • Quality issues

5. Productive work

  • The worker in context of the workplace
  • Writing key results statements
  • Recognizing priorities
  • Protecting time value
  • Mapping work processes

6. Managing within a system

  • The difference between work process and systems
  • How system elements interact
  • Management functions and principles
  • Keys to INPowering customer service

7. INPowering communication

  • Hi-fi communications
  • Overcoming barriers
  • Assertive listening
  • Assertive speaking
  • INPowering feedback

8. Coaching for high performance

  • Coaching with a mentoring mindset
  • Coaching individual performance
  • Using questions
  • Coaching groups
  • Preparing for the coaching interview

9. Handling conflict

  • The only two answers to conflict
  • Conflict resolution strategies
  • How we respond to being in conflict
  • Watching for the conflict story

People want to work where they can give their creative effort and feel competent, connected, and appreciated. This course will INPower you to help make that happen in your work life regardless of your job title or years of experience.

Practical – Dynamic – Life changing

Classes meet in weekly 4-hour sessions

Appropriate for all contributrors, supervisors, and managers


Session format provides time to connect what you cover in class in a measured and manageable sequence that deepens your insights from session to session.

Live sessions let you build personal and professional connections with others of similar interests.

Interactive sessions engage your creative energy to help you convert information into knowledge that will translate into practical experience as you use it.


How the course works

Each course can accommodate between 10 and 20 participants.

A course can be presented exclusively to employees of the same company at a location provided by the organization for a flat fee. Or —

Occasionally, courses are offered for open enrollment to participants from the public. Participants pay a registration fee.

Course materials are included in the fee. Participants also complete session assignments which call on them to demonstrarte how they are using the course information professionally and/or personally. The Call to Action assignments are collected and reviewed by the instructor. Participants who complete all the assignments and attend at least seven sessions receive a certificate of completion.

Historically 95% of participants fully complete the course.


“This curriculum has been a game changer for our participants. Regardless of their role within the organization’s hierarchy, attendees continue to find the content highly applicable, engaging, and interactive.” 

Marcy Luter

Leadership & Management Development Training Coordinator, Meridian Technology Center, Stillwater, OK

“We have been using Garland’s INPowering Workplace materials for over 15 years. Some of our clients will not promote their supervisors without first going through this program.  The tools they take away are invaluable to their success. We have seen several managers with our client companies been promoted and then send their reports through the program. I would recommend it as a foundation piece to any manager that is starting out or transitioning from frontline to the next level.”

Denise Nilssen

Management & Organizational Development Coordinator/Certified Professiosnal Business Coach, Autry Technology Center, Enid, OK

“The Creating an INPowering Workplace course has been my sole curriculum for my supervisor academy for many years. What I like most about the course is its relatability – it is applicable no matter what type of industry or workplace, and for both new supervisors as well as those who have supervised for many years. The content is solid, and the built-in activities reinforce the application of the content. Participants appreciate that the content builds upon itself so it makes learning easier. We’re fortunate to have this resource for our supervisor training.”

Lorinda Schrammel

Director, Talent Development, Oklahoma State University

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