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Technology might replace a job, but technology will not replace a person.


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PEOPLE ORIENTED LABS: understanding how human nature works and that every individual is innately valuable and inherently talented.

MY WORLD: Exploring “I Am”

Lab PO 01

Develop a new appreciation for the sanctity of each individual and realize that everything is always personal. Understanding this is the key to understanding human interaction, personal aspiration, and conflict. The foundation of all human interaction is knowing oneself. Who am I? Why am I here? What do I need, want, and expect? This lab is a deep dive into exploring what makes one tick and learning to respect that everyone is going through the same process of self-discovery and self-examination.

Surviving to thriving: From fear to freedom

Lab PO 02

Transition from a mindset of fear to freedom–afraid to risk, to free to explore. The limiting and paralyzing energy of fear is innate to all animals. It reduces us to survival mode. On our way to INPowered living, we experience a series of transitions that lifts us into a world of unlimited possibilities and a spirit of freedom to lead the life we want. This lab explores the natural tension between fear and motivation and how we can redirect the energy of fear into the creative energy of INPowerment.

Assertive listening: Getting to the heart of communicating

Lab PO 03

Don’t you like it when others help you express what you are trying to say? That’s the essence of assertive listening. Seeking first to understand involves helping your communication partners express themselves clearly and completely.

Listening through new eyes: understanding other’s perspectives

Lab PO 04

One of the barriers causing miscommunication is the differences between sender and receiver associated with individual perspectives, perceptions, beliefs, and values. Listening with new eyes requires us to hear what others are saying from their experiences rather than through ours. This lab helps to overcome these barriers and others to be more effective listeners.

Restoring the comfort world: Learning your way out of conflict

(6 hours)

Lab PO 05

Learn to be more comfortable working through conflict situations. This lab explores root causes of all conflict and applies them to everyday conflict situations. Learn to diffuse anger by using the magic question and assertive listening techniques.

CLEAR MINDED LABS: knowing what you want to accomplish and communicating it clearly to others.

The quest for clarity: Using eye-opening questions to understand what you want

Lab CM 01

My law of clarity is simple. If you don’t know what you want one of two things will be true: either anything will do, or nothing will do. This lab explores this dilemma and how to overcome it. There are a series of questions you can apply to get clear on the results you want. This provides the clarity of what steps you need to take to accomplish those results. These questons apply to personal and organizational goal setting, strategic planning, and planning projects.

MY WAY: Exploring your favorite way to think

Lab CM 02

Want to read someone’s mind? Learn to observe what they say and do as a clue to how they think about their world. As you think, so it is. Everyone has a favorite way to think, so everyone has a favorite way to behave. Based on neurological science and neuropsychology, this lab reveals your favorite way to think and how it determines your approach to daily living. Apply the principles to interpersonal communication, teamwork and resolving conflict.

7 Approaches to thinking

(6 hours)

Lab CM 03

Become a more intentional and effective thinker who can select the appropriate thinking approach for the situation. We have a variety of thinking approaches available to help us find workable solutions to perplexing challenges. This lab session presents an introduction to seven structured approaches that can be used individually and in combinations to work through complex issues. Participants will complete activities requiring specific thinking approaches.

Data Mine: A toolkit for thinking

(6 hours)

Lab CM 04

The goal of thinking is to take information gathered in one setting and apply it to another setting. Become a more confident thinker and solution creator by learning to use a variety of thinking tools. At its most basic level, we gather information and acquire knowledge. At its most complex level, we make judgments, evaluate, the quality, usefulness, truth, and value of the information. This lab takes you through 21 specific thinking tools in eight mental processing categories.

Let’s get critical: exercises in critical thinking

Lab CM 05

We make judgments and have opinions. The trick is to be able to explain and defend them. This lab delves into the elements of a good critical thinking process that also exposes some of the most common logical fallacies of irrational thinking.

What if and why not? The gateway to innovation and creativity

Lab CM 06

Innovation and creativity are cousins from the different ideas family. Innovation is improving the status quo while creativity is changing the status quo. This lab engages you in the different approaches so you can apply them to problem solving and solution finding.

Never make another wrong decision

(6 hours)

Lab CM 07

Build your confidence in your decision making with an approach that takes into account all the issues affecting decision quality. Learn the different types of decisions and the tools that you have available for each.

PERFORMANCE DRIVEN LABS: having the skills and temperament to accomplish a task to quality expectations

I can do better: Confronting your moments of truth

Lab PD 01

We will change intentionally only when a situation is no longer tenable. The change, or else, moment confronts us and we must act. This lab examines that moment, what leads up to it, and what comes after it to confront it so we can act in an INPowering way.

Everyday project planning: stop wasting time and money

(6 hours. Lab can expand into multiple sessions as needed.)

Lab PD 02

Doing the right things at the right time is a sign of mental focus and toughness. We waste a lot of time and resources by being unclear about the results we are hoping to get. A disciplined approach to setting goals and following through on them is easier than it sounds when you know how to think about the process and set it up. Work on a project of your choice during this practical lab.

[Note: this lab can expand into multiple sessions to present a more complete coverage of the issues affecting project planning. This represents the “think work’ that precedes inputing data into a project management software application]

Cooperating: The essentials of working together

Lab PD 03

Getting others to cooperate in a venture is fundamental to any community. This lab examines the nature of cooperating as a baseline to team building. Compare the effectiveness of organic cooperation and imposed group work.

INPowering change in yourself and others

Lab PD 04

The change process is consistent and predictable whether it applies to one individual or a global organization. This lab takes you systematically through the fundamentals, building one factor on its predecessors to provide a clear understanding of the dynamics of changing.

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