2015 gritty goalWe all should have the optimism and determination of a dog. My daughter’s dog, Zoe, is a case in point.

Zoe.jpegWhen I visit, Zoe is the first to greet me at the door, and I can’t go any farther into the house until I kneel and hug and pet her. She has at least learned to sit and wait instead of jumping on me, but there’s no denying her the front of the line.

I have strict instructions not to give her people food, but Zoe is ever present when I’m snacking. She takes her post at the corner of the dinner table at meal time just in case a morsel escapes from someone’s plate and lands on the floor. Some mishaps do occur, much to Zoe’s delight.

She makes herself available for a tummy rub, because she knows when I get to scratch her tummy or stroke the short hair on the top of her head and back, it makes me feel better too. It’s a win-win.

If one person is too busy to show her the attention she wants, she just goes to the next available person. The persistence eventually pays off.

There’s a lesson here: keep trying until you get what you want.

I think we could to be more dogged when it comes to our New Year’s resolutions.

Truthfully, we are easily discouraged when we don’t get immediate results, or when the journey that goes with accomplishing goals is more arduous than first expected.

I’ve lapsed on goals just like everyone else. Looking back, I’ll have to say the goals I gave up on the quickest were the ones I really didn’t care about that much to begin with.

The goals and resolutions I’ve accomplished are the ones that obsessed me. Looking back, the accomplishments I’m the most proud of are the ones I was the most passionate about, such as working for myself, writing books, and helping others find the creative energy to live the INPowered lives they desire. (By the way, I’m still working on them . . . doggedly.)

So, I’m going to repeat a question I’ve asked in previous posts, “How bad do you want it?” (See What Turns You On? and Resolve to be INPowered.)

The things Zoe wants badly enough she stays with; she even gets a little pushy.

Show some true grit.

We will persist at the things we want badly enough. It’s called grit–the determination to do whatever it takes, no matter how long it takes, to reach our goal. Research into success in all areas of endeavor–be it business, education, athletics, or anything else–shows that grit is the chief determinant of success more so than intelligence, economic status, or privilege of any kind.

Even when we fall a little short, we keep trying. We might have to find more resources, learn new skills, involve others, trade favors, give up unimportant distractions, and take risks we would otherwise avoid.

Those are resolutions that are worth failing at over and over until we get it right.

This year, focus on that kind of resolution. The one, and I mean only one, that is your absolute obsession. Make THAT RESOLUTION, and get doggedly persistent and optimistic about it.

Grit is the stuff of inspiring success and optimism in others who need your example of doing whatever it takes.

You have permission to try and fall short.
You have permission to become
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 the life of your passion.

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