The INPoweredWe like do-overs — second chances. They give us hope that we can make things better. This is the time of year millions resolve to start doing, stop doing, and keep doing whatever they believe will improve themselves. I’ve done it myself.

Unfortunately, most resolutions made on January 1 are abandoned by February 1. This Psychology Today article will help you understand why.

The sweet thing about being alive is that we are alive 31,536,000 seconds a year, each and every year. (Every four years we count an extra 86,400 seconds to catch up our clocks.) Why procrastinate until the new year to make these improvements? What makes us think that by resolving at the first of a new year, that resolution will have any more impact than on any other day or second of the year?

The INPowered don’t need New Year’s resolutions, because they know every second is an opportunity to realize we can do better and take action to make it so.

The honest question to ask is, “How bad do I want it?”

In my leadership sessions I teach four questions we all must work through for any improvements to happen, regardless of when we make them. Put them to work for you:

  1. What do I WANT and WHY? What are the specific results I seek? What is the driving force to achieve it?
  2. What must I DO to get what I want? What are the steps and tasks involved to make it happen?
  3. Am I ABLE to do what it takes to get what I want? Do I have the resources? If not, how will I get them?
  4. Am I WILLING to do what it takes to get what I want? Am I passionate enough about what I want to stick with it regardless of how difficult it might  be? Read this earlier post in which I explained motivation.

Now, be honest about your resolution, and go for it.
Get simple, get serious, get started,
and you will be
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