We goof up all the time. Sometimes we mess up really badly. I can tell you a boat load of stories about how I messed up in my life. But I never set out to make any of those mistakes on purpose. And neither did you.

So, get over it.

I published an INPowerment Tip about getting real about our circumstances that I learned while playing golf. Check it out here.

Here’s the point. We can bad mouth and trash talk ourselves over our mistakes, but that will just make matters worse. When we go negative on ourselves, our friends, our team mates, our employer, or our government, we spin a story that might not be true at all on the whole. We take a relatively small issue and blow it totally out of proportion to create a narrative in our minds that does not resemble the real world in any way.

Focus on improving, not on how bad we think we have been.

I’ve tried to learn from my mistakes. I have my regrets that some cannot be undone. I resolve to be better going forward and learn from the consequences of my misdeeds and missteps.

When we admit our shortcomings and seek to learn from them, that’s healthy. That’s what I mean by getting over it. Be honest and real with ourselves. Learn, improve, move on.

Find a friend in whom you can confide

I have one or two close friends who will help me keep my head on straight. I’ve learned to seek them out when I start feeling down on myself. I rely on them to get me back in touch with reality. And guess what? Sometimes I do that for them, too.

You can INPower yourself by finding those in whom you can confide.

Sometimes we need that kind of help
in order to be
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