Can you imagine a stew with only potatoes in the broth? Or only peas? And no other seasoning.
Yuck! Borrrrrrinnng.

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How many shoppers go to the produce market and buy only one vegetable to make a stew? Instead, they select a variety that they can blend and season to make a savory meal.

Bland. That’s the word we use to describe something that lacks savor. It’s dull, lifeless, insipid.

That’s my assessment of most political debate today: arguing over which is better–potatoes or peas.

I say, “let’s spice it up.”

I like the stewpot of ideas–a cauldron of possibilities. When flavors mingle and marinade, the meal gets interesting and worth savoring.

When ideas mingle and marinade, imaginations engage, possibilities emerge, movements take shape, creative energy takes over, and the world gets better.

Change and diversity are life-giving processes. It’s the unusual, unexpected, and odd that surprise us, thrill us, and renew us. Welcome it, and be stimulated by it.
6th Tenet of the INPowered2 LEAD philosophy.

So, the potato heads can debate the pea crowd over which is the better veggie. The onion, carrot, and zucchini factions might join the debate, each lauding the rightness of their particular variety.

Emile Cartier said, “”Nothing is more dangerous than an idea when it is the only one you have.”

Albert Einstein, a man who had a lot of ideas in his lifetime said, “If at first, the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it.”

So, I’m lining up for stew . . . with a dash of absurdity.

I think that’s a recipe for being
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