I’m an avid football fan. HDTV and large-as-life images give us an up close and personal view of the players and the game.

Football crowd

What’s deceiving, however, is the elevated level of talent these amazing athletes possess. Only when superior athletes play against lesser talented competition is the level of the talent more obvious.

The very best of the best get to compete on the NFL gridiron where they command our attention and admiration. And we will pay top dollar to watch them play. In exchange, we expect them to give us 110 percent on every play.

These amazing athletes make what they do look easy. Yet, we know it is anything but easy. When we get a behind the scenes look at what they went through to be so successful, we see hour upon grueling hour of practice and study they endured to raise their performance to their personal best.

This is true for anyone who performs his or her skills at a high level of proficiency. They make it look easy. Athletes, musicians, actors, performers, authors, doctors, and other professionals and craftsmen and women go through the same routine of practice, study, and experience to reach their peak performance.

How the pros do it

Here’s the pro’s formula: prepare, practice, perform, evaluate, repeat–relentlessly.

  • Prepare: Learn the game. Learn the fundamentals. Expand and build the skills you need. Get and stay physically and mentally fit.
  • Practice: Focus on the specialized skills and strategies needed for the immediate situation. Build on your strengths. Improve your weaknesses. Get good coaching.
  • Perform: Execute your game plan. Focus on the immediate mission. Avoid distractions–keep your head in the game. Hold nothing back.
  • Evaluate: Be coachable. Get feedback on your results and performance. Accept responsibility for your effort. Enjoy the recognition of excellence. Look for every possible way you can raise the level of your game.

Repeat the process. Be relentless. Pros pursue excellence. Amateurs are satisfied with good enough.

I think one of the greatest compliments I can receive when others attend one of my workshops is, “Wow, you make it look easy.”

That’s when I feel like a pro.
That’s when I feel
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