Leading is more than leadership skills and competencies. Great leaders possess a spirt of leading that drives them to excel. In this inaugural podcast I discuss the spirit beyond the leadership definitions that can help anyone become INPowered to Lead.

Stephen Covey wrote, “Most people think of leadership as a position, and therefore, don’t see themselves as a leader.”

What about you? Do you see yourself as a leader?

i have seen Covey’s statement at work my entire career, and have been actively promoting an idea of leading that diverges from the “role or position mentality” of leadership.

This podcast is dedicated to showing an aspect of leading that goes beyond the position. It’s a belief that all of us can be INPowered to Lead if we adopt a Spirit of Leading mindset.

This podcast explores

1. Traditional definitions of leadership

2. The opportunity for leaders to create a space for innovation and creativity

Watch the TEDTalk on leading innovation from Linda Hill, management professor at Harvard, referenced in this podcast.

3. The Spirit of Leading

4. Who are the INPowered?

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