Your life is your one true work of art. The purpose of your work is to reflect the spirit of its source–you.

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I’ve always been attracted to art in which I can see something of the artist as well as explore something of myself. I like uniqueness. I tend to walk past the same ‘ole, same ‘ole.

The copycat is never as interesting to me as the original cat.

We are all born originals. Even identical twins are still two different individuals. Hang around them long enough and you can tell them apart.

The people who get our attention are those who let their life-art project the world according to them. They are not asking you to accept their world. They are saying, “This is my world. This is my life.”

They get our attention.

We envy them.

We wish we could be so bold . . . so liberated . . . so ourselves.

So, why not?

Stop copycatting someone else. Be an original cat. In that originality, you will find your purpose, the spirit from which your life-art springs.

Be that.

Paint that.

Sing that.

Dance that.

Write that.

Build that.

Do that.

Whatever it is.

You are worth being you.

Then you will be free to see and experience and appreciate the life-art of everyone else.

And you will be
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your true life.

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