TIP logo arrow 150wA leader is someone who takes us places we cannot, or will not, go by ourselves.

We are keenly more aware of the need for a leader when we are facing a crisis. We want someone to tell us what we are supposed to do now.

We want them out front, reassuring, and in control.

When you find yourself being the one everyone turns to and asks, “What do we do now?” or more likely, “What are you going to do about it?” Try my GOLF approach.

golf ball in sandG: Get real about the situation.

Accept the reality of the situation no matter how unwelcome or foreboding the facts might be. In golf, the rule is you play the ball where it lies. You don’t get to move it or improve the situation. You must act on the immediate situation to improve your chances of being successful in the long run.

O: Organize your thoughts and actions with clarity.

Skilled golfers don’t just run up on the ball, grab their favorite club, and hack away. They take time to clearly evaluate the situation. They take a multi-sensory moment to understand exactly what they are dealing with in light of their objective, which is to complete that hole in par or better. They slow down to let their mind and body synchronize so they can perform at their peak.

L: Lean on your strength.

Successful golfers always pick the shot with which they feel the most confident. Leaders should always play to their strengths and to the strengths of their team.

F: Find the best way forward.

Leaders look for the optimum result given the current circumstances. It’s not always possible to go for the green. Given that reality, the pro asks, “Where is the next best place I can be after this shot?” Then, they focus on getting there.

A grand quest is a series of incremental actions that must be accomplished to accomplish it. Leaders lead in the present tense with an eye on the ultimate goal.

Live unleashed,
Garland McWatters

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