Being accountable is the mindset of the successful. The INPowered see the connection between their actions and the consequences of them. Thus, they are able to take the next positive step to either follow up on success or make corrections when results do not meet expectations.

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President Harry Truman kept a plaque on his desk that read, “The Buck Stops Here.” He explained that when a decision reached his desk, which he was accountable to make, he made it.

The accountable take care of business

Being accountable is a moment by moment way of life. When it’s up to you, you deliver. If you don’t, you account for your actions and do what you can to get the best possible result.

Being accountable does not mean you are perfect. It acknowledges that you won’t be perfect. None of us is. But it says to those who depend on you that you will do your part to the best of your ability and own the results.

The accountable hang in there

Being INPowered also means following through to the end. When things start to look like they are not going to work out, the accountable stay with the effort instead of bailing, leaving others to mop up and pick up the pieces. Assuring your team that you will be with them through the tough times is a solid trust building trait. Sometimes our greatest personal triumphs show up in our most humiliating failures.

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The accountable strive for excellence

The self-assessment that every INPowered person makes is asking, “Did I do my very best? What did I learn that will help me do better next time?”

The accountable are life long learners who continually look for ways to improve themselves. They also coach and mentor others who are learning the lessons of accountability by being encouraging and supportive of their successes and shortcomings.

When you say, “I am accountable,”
You are saying I am
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